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Makeup False Eyelashes & Nail Polish Strips by Coveted Cosmetics

Coveted Cosmetics, cosmetics supplier of boutique branded products that include hand made real hair false eyelashes and creatively designed nail polish strips. Our products are sourced from the same manufacturers of high end branded makeup false eyelashes and nail polish strips. The only difference between Coveted and the false eyelashes best brands are that we are newer, fresher and we can price our quality made false eyelashes cheap. So when you are thinking about where to buy online, check us out first!

Natural Hair False Eyelashes by Coveted Cosmetics

Coveted Cosmetics lashes are hand woven to create natural hair false eyelashes. This is the same process used to make most high end strip lashes. The end result is a durable and light piece of art. Light as a feather, you may forget you even have them on. We recommend that you always remove them before you sleep to keep them in pristine condition. With proper care, our lashes should last you many unforgettable nights. Makeup false eyelashes are becoming very popular for wedding photos and we offer wholesale false eyelashes pricing to professional makeup artists. Check back often for announcements regarding our annual false eyelashes sale, the only time we are willing to sell our signature brand false eyelashes cheap.

Nail Polish Strips by Coveted Cosmetics

Our Coveted Nail Polish Strips look and feel similar to Incoco and Sally Hansen nail polish strips. The main difference between Salon Effects nail polish strips and ours is the price. They are applied in exactly the same way. The great thing about this product is that there are no toxic fumes to inhale during application and no waiting required for it to dry. Other benefits are the designs that they come in that can be matched to any attire you desire. With proper care, these salon nail polish strips can last up to 14 days, however, it is likely that after a week, you may want to replace them. The application of a hard topcoat is recommended for best duration and lasting effect.

Removing False Eyelashes

A lot of people are worried about removing false eyelashes, in truth, there is nothing to worry about. They have been used safely by people for decades and have only gotten better in usability since then. Removal will not rip out your own lashes. It will not cause you to go blind. Most glue is safe to use around the eye, of course you should always be careful when applying it.

How do you Remove False Eyelashes

So now that we have expelled the myths and worries about removal, how do you remove false eyelashes? It is best to have a pair of tweezers if you have them, they make the job much easier. Always start from 1 side pull in a peeling motion towards the other. Starting from the outter portion, side closest to ears may work best as this will offer the best leverage.

False Eyelashes Reusable

Our Coveted lashes are wonderful false eyelashes reusable up to 5-7 times with proper care. When you are not going to wear false eyelashes, always keep them in their original hard case when they are not in use. Always remove all of the mascara and makeup from them with some makeup remover after each use. Our lashes are made using natural human hair and can be cleaned with basic makeup remover. Do not rip them off as they are delicate.

Wearing False Eyelashes

Wearing false eyelashes is a great way to give your eyes that extra sexy touch. Our lashes are made using natural hair, woven together into a feathery light piece of art. If you are going for a flirty dramatic look then consider our dramatic collection. This collection is comprised of long false eyelashes that create a dramatic effect. For a conservative look with some extra spice, our classy collection will suit your needs. For a natural look, have a look at our natural collection.

Big False Eyelashes

Big false eyelashes have a dramatic effect on the way your eyes look. They consist of long lengths that add a huge degree of depth to your lash line. If you have a big night of partying for the evening and want to create a dramatic look, consider using large lashes to complement your makeup.

False Eyelashes Makeup

Always check back with us for false eyelashes makeup tips. We have a dedicated makeup artist that will continually update our website content and blog with tips on how to apply, tricks and tutorials. Our blog will also feature visiting makeup artists from time to time to share their expertise. We also have a Youtube channel where we post promo videos and tutorials, just look up Coveted Cosmetics on Youtube.

False eyelashes for Asian Eyes

If you are Asian, it is likely you will have short lashes that may or may not do well with Mascara. Our Coveted Cosmetics false eyelashes for asian eyes can help you make your eyes look more seductive and fuller. Wearing false eyelashes is huge in Asia and with good reason. Have you ever seen an asian girl with naturally long lashes? Even things out with a fantastic pair of falsies!