About Natural Collection

Natural Makeup False Eyelashes

Our natural makeup false eyelashes feature lashes that give off a natural look. These conspicuous pieces will make them all wonder, is it real? Since we use natural hand woven hair fibers, our lashes blend in with your lash line giving off an inconspicuous feel. Our lashes best attributes are its feather light weight and comfortable application. Professional Makeup artists absolutely love the versatility of our huge selection of high quality lashes.

Why Consider Natural Makeup False Eyelashes?

For those that want their lashes to not be obvious, then our collection of natural makeup false eyelashes may be for you. If the goal is for every day wear, you may not want a dramatic pair of long false eyelashes that may feel over the top in an every day setting. Perhaps you want to just hang out in a library or take a stroll down the beach but still want that confidence that a good pair of lashes can provide.

How Makeup False Eyelashes Can Look Natural

You can apply your makeup false eyelashes to look natural with this brief tutorial. The key to making them look natural is to blend them in with your lash line. Start by selecting a pair that matches your hair color. So for example, if you have fair hair, go for a brown rather than black. If your lashes are quite short, you may want to go with a pair that is short as well, shorter lengths look a lot more real than long false eyelashes anyway. Hold the lash strip against your eye and snip excess length. Apply glue to the eyelash strip and place them along your lash line. Adjust the position so they run perfectly in balance with your lash line. Use black eyeliner to trace over the area where the false eyelashes meet your eyelid. Apply several coats of mascara over your blended lashes, this will make them blend together evenly. Voila, you are done!

Cosmetics Supplier with online false eyelashes

We are a cosmetics supplier with a fantastic assortment of online false eyelashes for sale. Feel free to blog or write us a false eyelashes review, we love to hear from our customers! We are located in Richmond, British Columbia and the public is welcome to pickup their orders from our warehouse if they need their products in a jiffy.