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Nymph false eyelashes give an innocent and alluring effect by combining evenly spaced medium density lashes with a wing tip. Perfect to wear with cat-eye style eyeliner or the ‘barely there’ makeup look, these fake eyelashes are handmade with 100% natural hair and give you a weightless beautiful look. Product code: BM-R151

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Where to get false eyelashes

Not sure where to get false eyelashes? From dollar stores, drugstores to big department stores, many different types of shops sell fake eyelashes in a wide range of prices. Dollar stores false eyelashes usually start at around $2 but the quality of the lashes are usually not comparable to more expensive ones as the lashes are usually stiff and artificial. If you only plan on wearing them once or twice, it’s perfectly worth the low price to buy fake lashes from dollar shops if you don’t mind the quality. Fake lashes from major drug store tend to rank a lot better in quality. The false eyelashes usually look more natural and are more comfortable to wear. They are usually a lot more durable and can be reused a number of times before falling apart.

Best False Eyelashes

Coveted Cosmetic carries the best false eyelashes and never compromises the quality of their products over price. Although our false lashes are comparably priced compared to drugstore or department prices, the quality of our products are just as exceptional and durable. We negotiate great prices with our supplier in Asia which is why we can offer such comparable prices and pass on the saving to our customers who aren’t looking to spend a fortune on fake lashes.


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