Classy False Eyelashes Collection

Our classy false eyelashes cosmetics collection is a mix between eye catching dramatic and natural. Sometimes a girl doesn’t want to go all out but still wants to draw special attention to her eyes. With our classy collection of false eyelashes, you can pull that off, in a classy kind of way. Be sure to check out our special false eyelashes wedding styles which will make you look extra special for that special day! One of the favorite styles for weddings is the Innocent style, don’t let the name fool you, this style is nothing but innocent but at least you’ll appear to be!

Why go for false eyelashes with a classy look?

For those that wants their false eyelashes to be noticeable but not that dramatic as if you were going to a club. Sometimes occasions require a confident look without the seductive appeal of dramatic lashes. For this effect, we recommend going with our clear false eyelashes glue, which will require minimum eye makeup needed to mask the appearance of the glue. Our classy look styles are great for weddings, special day time events and of course for romantic nights.

How to choose attire that will complement your classy false eyelashes

If you are going for a classy look with your false eyelashes you should also dress the part! Light skirts and dresses that aren’t that revealing go with the persona your going for. For makeup, try to keep it light, simple and pure. Go for lighter color lipstick colors and eyeliner. However, it is very possible to pull off the dark mysterious look and maintain a classy appeal. As long as you don’t over do it, you’ll do fine. As for accessories, you may want to keep it simple, a light pendant here, a simple bracelet there. The key is to keep the attire modest and the expression warm, now that’s classy!

Coveted Cosmetics Makeup Supplier of Wholesale False Eyelashes

Coveted Cosmetics is proud to be your premier choice makeup supplier of wholesale false eyelashes. Our lashes come from Indonesia and are hand woven to perfection. You will find that their quality is comparable to many expensive designer lashes, this is because the manufacturing process and country of production is the same. Check back for updates regarding our annual false eyelashes sale!