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Aphrodite false lashes create a layer of wispy dreamy volume that frames your eyes naturally. Natural, light and medium density hairs are formed in a criss-cross pattern evenly for a subtle look that won’t go unnoticed. Pair them with light or neutral toned eye shadows for a perfectly polished day look.

Product code: BM-T113


False Eyelashes Review

As the savvy consumers that we are nowadays, it’s safe to say that every person has written a review for some kind of product at some point or other. Reviews are highly valued not just by companies but also by other consumers. A false eyelashes review is just as informative as a review for any other product. In a review, people usually explain why they purchased a particular product, how they used it, what they liked or disliked about it as well as what tips worked best for them.

False Eyelashes Reviews

False eyelashes reviews can be very simple and straightforward or more thorough and detailed. Some people really enjoy giving other people their detailed opinions and we encourage that very much. For a fake eyelash review you would probably want to first describe what you look like and what kind of eyes you have, for example “I have round, deep set eyes.” Then you would want to explain what occasion or look you purchase the falsies for, such as “I purchased this style because I wanted something natural for my wedding.” Then you can explain what you like or disliked about this style and give your tips for applying such as “I prefer to double 2 pairs of this style for wedding photos.”


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