About Coveted Cosmetics False Eyelashes & Nail Strips

We are a humble boutique store that sells quality handmade products like false eyelashes and nail polish strips. We started out in the cosmetics business in the fall of 2008 and have been steadily growing step by step since. Based in the laid back city of Vancouver with its natural beauty, fabulous nightlife and chic boutique shopping, our brand is a reflection of the city’s lifestyle. Our false eyelashes are meticulously hand woven from natural hair fiber. Our quality is comparable to designer brand lashes, but our price is at a fraction of the price. We can maintain this low price because we have a much lower overhead and don’t have to spend money on advertising. Check out our false eyelashes for sale in our special sales section regularly! Our Coveted brand designer and colored nail polish strips are comparable to the big brand products nail strips, the only difference is our pricing, we don’t spend much on advertising so we do not have to charge as much for them.

Coveted Cosmetics False Eyelashes are Handmade

Coveted Cosmetics False Eyelashes are handmade pieces of art. Each individual fiber is meticulously woven together to form beautiful, strong false lashes. We use only sterilized natural hair in their production. The false eyelashes are woven with attention to detail and a lot of patience! The end result is a masterpiece of light, wispy, beautiful lashes that are designed and made to wow the world! Even though they feel feather light, their weaving is strong and durable. With proper care they can last you many unforgettable nights.

False Eyelashes from Indonesia to Vancouver

Our company is based in the beautiful city of Vancouver BC, Canada. Our false eyelashes are made in Indonesia. The factory, located in the clean open countryside of Indonesia, helps to support the livelihood of the local people. We feel that it is important our products come from humble beginnings. The factory plays a role in supporting the local economy, providing wages to allow families to send their children to school, provide medical care to the elderly and improve their living standards. The factory produces very little chemical waste as the hair fibers used to make the lashes are natural and the weaving is done by hand. Coveted Cosmetics is honored to have such a valuable partner in maintaining the excellent quality our brand has become known for. We believe supporting all people in their pursuit of a better life is everyone’s social responsibility.

Coveted Brand Designer and Colored Nail Strips

Our Coveted brand designer and colored nail strips are just about the neatest thing for decorating your nails since nail polish! Made with real nail polish, the liquid is spread out over a large table and designs are heat imprinted using additional nail polish colors. The entire sheet is allowed to dry and then cut into the desired sizes. The end result is an easy to apply nail polish that requires no drying time and allows for fabulous designs that would be impossible to do with regular nail polish. Stand out from the crowd, match your nails to your accessories, the possibilities are endless!