How to Apply Fake Eyelashes

What you will need…

1. False eyelashes false eyelashes packaging 2. False eyelashes glue fake eyelashes glue 3. Trimming scissors makeup scissors 4. Makeup brush makeup brush
5. Tweezers false eyelashes tweezers 6. Mascara mascara 7. Eyeliner eyeliner

Lets Get Started!

1) Measure the false eyelashes to your lash line in the mirror.  If the lashes are too long trim them with your scissors. Always trim from the side of the lashes that will be closest to your nose.

2) Take the end of the makeup brush and dip it in the glue.  Using the makeup brush, spread the glue along the lash line of the lashes.  Allow 20 to 30 seconds for the glue to dry, it won’t be completely dry but it just needs to be tacky when you are putting them on.

3) Take the lashes and lay them to the closest you can get to the base of your lash line.  Don’t worry about getting it perfect right away since the glue is not completely dry yet, you can still adjust the position when they are on.

4) Adjust the false eyelashes as needed by using your fingers or tweezers to push them so they are in the correct position.

5) You may want to apply a thin band of liquid liner to the base of the false eyelashes to blend in the lash line.

6) Finish with a touch of mascara to make the false eyelashes blend into your natural lashes.

7) Simple, easy and the effect is dramatic!