USD 3.99

Venus false eyelashes create a classy and regal look by combining natural, medium density hairs in a criss-cross pattern. The criss-crossed hairs are distributed evenly. extending along the lash line with the heaviest concentration towards the middle. Feather-light and handmade, these easy to wear lashes can take you from a day-to-night look in seconds.

Product code: BM-T111


Where to Get False Eyelashes

People often wonder where to get false eyelashes. Fake lashes come in many forms and are distributed by many different kinds of retailers. There are large department stores with individual cosmetic counters that carry their own brand of fake lashes which are typically pricier than the average drug store brands. There are also drugstores and pharmacies that carry generic brands of fake lashes. The prices usually reflect the quality. Then there are free standing cosmetic retailers that sell their own brand of fake lashes.

False Eyelashes Store

Then, there is something online such as a false eyelashes store. There are also large online cosmetic retailers that carry several different brands of fake eyelashes as well as other cosmetic products. The prices of these fake eyelashes usually reflect how much they sell for in physical stores which is typically more expensive than drugstore brands. Coveted Cosmetics is an online false lashes retailer. We stock over 40 styles of fake lashes and nail polish strips which makes us one of the largest distributors of fake lashes. Our fake lashes are hand made in Asia with both natural and synthetic materials to the highest standards.


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