Welcome to our Beauty Blog!

January 4th, 2012 by Newton

makeup blog

We will be featuring false eyelashes tutorials, beauty/makeup videos, industry news, gossip and other cool stuff on our blog. We dedicate this blog to our customers as a means to connect and express with all of you our brand’s spirit and values. We hope that the information that we provide will be able to teach, entertain and compel our readers to think. Beauty, cosmetics, makeup, nails and false eyelashes are things that we, as a cosmetics brand have a deep passion for and we hope that our passion can inspire all of you as well.

Beauty bloggers

Our blog will be maintained by Suzanne Christi, Sandra Chung and Karen Li. Suzanne is a professional makeup artist that specializes in wedding makeup. Sandra Chung is a professional makeup artist, Social Media marketer and professional blogger. Sandra most recently did the makeup of our Coveted Cosmetics product photo shoot. Not only did she do an excellent job of applying the makeup, she also organized the whole shoot. She is also a manager for the Vancouver Fashion Week event that has had a tremendous success last year in generating brand awareness and fashion buzz. Karen Li(me), I’m a super awesome girl that loves makeup!

Beauty Blogging Guests

We are open to considering any bloggers that would like to guest write on our blog. The more people sharing their experience and knowledge makes for a more exciting and unique environment. If you are interested in being a guest blogger, please contact us at support@covetedcosmetics.com