Day and Night Makeup Tutorial

May 12th, 2012 by Sandra Chung

By: Sandra Chung

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How to Take Your Makeup from Day to Night Tutorial

As busy professionals, most of us lead hectic lives where we try to create some sort of balance between work and life. In fact, it’s pretty common for many of us to find ourselves attending several social events after our nine-to-five more than a few times a week. My clients always wonder how they can reduce the amount of time they spend in a day getting ready from event to event and the answer is simply by being efficient: a few easy steps can take your look from day to night.

If you plan to attend a slightly more formal event after work but don’t feel like packing a ball gown in your briefcase, simply layer a blazer over a cocktail dress and accessorize with a scarf to create a more professional and conservative look while in the office. You can always pack or leave a pair of dressy heels at your office and bring some statement accessories to complete your evening outfit.

In terms of makeup, there are several directions you can take to glam up your look. If you’re at the office, chances are you are sticking to more neutral tones on your face. Let’s assume that you’re wearing a neutral makeup look during the day and plan on changing your makeup for an after work event. Depending out the outfit, you can choose to emphasize different features of your face:

Day Makeup

day and night makeup

Day to Night Makeup

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Day to Night Smoky Eye:

Items Needed:

- a cream eye shadow base in a neutral shade
- a darker, neutral eyeshadow palette: black, brown, taupe, beige
- black eyeliner
- Coveted Cosmetics False Eyelashes from the Classic or Dramatic Collection
- bronzer or blush
- nude pink lipliner, lipstick and lip gloss

makeup from day to night

Day and Night Makeup Instructions:

1. If you don’t want to redo your foundation again, simply blot your face with some blotting sheets and spritz with some Evian water or skin refreshing spray

2. Going over your day makeup, blend the cream eye shadow base over your eyelids evenly

3. Take a fluffly blending brush and blend the taupe eyeshadow over your eyelid area, just below the eyebrow bone

4. Using the same brush, dip a tiny bit of the brown and black eye shadow and smudge it across your top and bottom lash line

5. Dip more of the same color and blend in an outward ‘V’ shape like ‘<’ and ‘>’ at the outermost corner of your eyes until the colors are evenly blended and fade into nothingness

6. Take a new fluffy blending brush and dip the beige or highlight eye shadow color, blending the color evenly just below your eye brows

7. Apply false eyelashes on yourself, you can choose to use either more subtle looking eyelashes or big false eyelashes depending on the look you’re going for

8. Apply black eyeliner on your waterline, and on the top and bottom lash lines. Finish off with mascara if you’d like.

9. Clean up any eye shadow fall out and re-apply concealer under your eyes if necessary

10. Reapply blush and contour with bronzer on the sides of your cheeks as well as jawline. Finish off with nude lip liner, lipstick and gloss.

makeup from day to night

And there you have it, a simple day-to-night makeover you can whip up at your desk in 10 minutes. Alternatively, you can also choose to play up your lips instead by applying a bold red lipstick or a vampy wine-colored shade to add some drama. Remember to keep some hair spray at your desk and just toss up your hair lightly with some spray to give it some volume. After you’re done with your hair and makeup, simply throw on your dressy heels, put on your statement accessories and you’re ready for an evening out.

What are some of your favorite day to evening makeup tips? Share with me for a chance to win Coveted Cosmetics products! Join me next time for more awesome beauty tips.