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Feline false eyelashes are uniquely criss-crossed using medium and light density smoothed lashes creating a spiky, sultry effect. Natural hairs are criss-crossed together with emphasis placed on the main strands giving you a sexy allure that will make a man purr.

Product code: BM-T112


How to Apply False Eyelashes

As a large online false eyelash distributor we are often asked by customers how to apply false eyelashes. However, something that everyone may not realize right away is that there is quite a large difference applying false eyelashes on yourself and applying them on someone else. Applying them on someone else first may be the easier option to start if you have never applied fake lashes before. First you are able to see out of both eyes and you can see which areas you need to affix the ends of the fake lashes to.

How to Apply False Eyelashes on Yourself

As previously mentioned, we are also often asked how to apply false eyelashes on yourself. This is an easier task for some people than others and it may take some one many attempts before they are comfortable putting false lashes on themselves. If you are not as comfortable putting it on yourself, you can always go to one of the cosmetic counters inside department stores and ask a professional who would be more than happy to show you. Or you can follow along by reading our tutorial on how to put on fake eyelashes and try it for yourself. Make sure you use a good quality eyelash glue if you are planning to wear them for a few hours.


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