Lucky Star

USD 3.99

Lucky Star False eyelashes are uniquely made using medium and light density reddish- brown tinted natural hairs creating a show-stopping effect. Contrasted together with mid lengths of copper and long lengths of black, this style is perfect to wear with smoky eyeliner and glossy lips.

Product code: BM-R123


False eyelashes everyday

There are many of us out there what wear false eyelashes everyday. Sporting fake eyelashes on a daily basis isn’t really considered excessive anymore since there are plenty of new semi permanent eyelash extension procedures out there. However, semi-permanent eyelash extensions are typically quite expensive to get on a regular basis in comparison to wearing falsies everyday. Not to mention, semi permanent eyelash extensions usually require careful maintenance as you have to be very careful showering and washing your face as well as applying any kind of eye makeup for the first few days.

Everyday False Eyelashes

If you are looking for everyday false eyelashes, our online boutique carries over 40 different styles including natural and synthetic styles. For someone who wears them on a daily basis, we would suggest choosing styles from our Natural and Classy collections as the styles in these collections are less dramatic and perfect for transforming from soft day makeup to more glamorous evening looks. If you are looking for falsies for daily wear, try to find styles that are made of natural instead of synthetic hairs as the former looks more natural. Also, use neutral and light color eye shadows or just eyeliner to avoid a look that is too intense for the day.


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