Sex Kitten

USD 3.99

Sex Kitten false eyelashes give off a playful and flirtatious look by combining long and medium length lashes for a ultra feminine effect. Meticulously hand woven using medium density smoothed natural hair, Sex Kitten lashes are so lightweight and comfortable they’ll have you purring all night long.
Product code: BM-R249

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False Eyelashes Reviews

At Coveted Cosmetics we pride ourselves in the quality of our lashes and we know that consumers rely on peer false eyelashes reviews before purchasing. False eyelashes reviews are a great way to find out information about the product when you are unable to try the product for yourself. Thanks to our reviews system, you can hear from other customers which styles work on what kind of people, what kind of different effects the same styles have on different people and learn about other customers tips and tricks to applying false eyelashes. You can also find out what makeup styles other people like to pair different fake eyelashes styles with and try it out for yourself.

How to Put on False Lashes

When you don’t know how to put on false lashes, it is a good to be able to hear other people’s tips and suggestions for that. Everyone has their own special methods and shortcuts to applying false lashes and it’s interesting to hear how some methods work for some while a number of them don’t for others. People usually describe themselves in the review so listen to someone who sounds similar to you.


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