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Siren false eyelashes are adorned with light black beads on the outer lengths of the lashes that give your eyes an irresistible allure. Handmade with natural hairs and lightweight beads that are evenly distributed across the lashes, this style will put the perfect finishing touch on any party dress or special outfit.

Product code: BM-R283

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Single false eyelashes

False eyelashes can be used in many different ways. The most common way is to use them as single pairs. Single pairs can mean a number of different things. First of all they could mean single use false lashes, which are often just used one time and end up being more expensive than reusable ones. They can also mean just using one pair of them at a time. They can also mean individual hair, meaning instead of a pair that is sewn together at the lash line, the lashes are individual pieces that you can add to a particular area of your eyelash, for example the middle is thinner, you can then add more to that area to your liking. Since there are many different meanings of single fake eyelashes you should make sure you know what they mean when you are purchasing online.

Double false eyelashes

Double false eyelashes usually just mean wearing two pairs of eyelashes together by gluing one pair on top of the other for an enhanced effect or it can also mean reusable lashes. Doubling up on certain styles can create a dramatic effect if you have two pairs of styles that are more natural.


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