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Vixen false eyelashes are made by hand using medium density lashes with a combination of maximum and medium length hairs with a heavier focus in the center for a sensational effect. Made using natural hair, they are packed with volume but feel feather light on your eyes. Product code: BM-R152

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False Eyelashes Makeup

Many of our customers wonder how to wear different styles of false eyelashes makeup with different types of makeup looks. When you are choosing what kind of fake eyelashes to buy, you should think about what kind of makeup looks you are thinking of wearing. If you want an innocent, natural look, go for fake eyelashes that are lighter in volume and length. They will go great with a minimal, sun-kissed makeup look and enhance your natural beauty. If you are looking to wear heavier colors on your eyes or lips, you should get a style that has more volume to create a more dramatic effect. If you are just looking to wear a cat eye liner, go for a style with a winged tip to enhance the flirtatious effect.

How to put on false eyelashes

If you’re wondering how to put on false eyelashes, everyone has their own preferences. Some people prefer to use their fingers while other like to use a pair of eyebrow tweezers. It really depends on what you feel comfortable with so we recommend everyone to try as many different methods as you can think of and find the one that is easiest to work with.


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